I get it. I am late to the 'Happy New Year' blogging party. I am late to the 'here is my amazing list of health resolutions' blog post shin-dig and I am late to the '2014 re-cap blog post' soiree. Don't worry folks, I'll save you the distress of having to read through another one of those posts. As much as I lurve to write them, I'll instead kick start my 2015 blogging scheduled with an update on my clean eating and progress to date.

I am super dooper, head over head heels happy to say that since Christmas I've lost 17 pounds. That's 17 pounds in six weeks. Lost due to focused clean eating and a whole lot of spinning classes. I have also ventured into the free weights section of the gym. You know the area. The area with the scantily clad men who grunt and puff their way through a workout and intimidate little ladies like me. 

They hog the barebells, smith machine and every free weight machine going. They mark their territory with towels thrown over benches, train in packs and often snigger. Rarely do you see a fellow woman in the free weights section, on her own, doing her thing. 

Until now. Now and then you'll find me. Squatting with a kettle bell, lying on a bench working some dumb bells or waiting patiently for a go on the lateral pull down machine. I take my time. I wait patiently and I ensure I follow my workout plan. In there, it's easy to feel intimidated and like you should rush your set and get the hell out of there, but ladies, don't. 

Ignore the huffs and puffs of the over sized protein guzzling guy next to you and focus on your goals and your intentions. Do your sets, do your reps and maybe encourage a few more strong women friends into the free weights section. You'll feel (and look) better for it.

Spinning + lifting weights and a chunk of clean eating and I am feeling like one happy gal. I am down a dress and jeans size, bloat free and mentally feeling strong. The post Christmas brain fog has lifted and January blues are a thing of the past. Literally. 

My interest in nutrition and health is growing by the day and interacting with other health bloggers has aided me in learning so much about great foods, sourcing awesome recipes and of course learning how to make the occasional clean treat. In a word, I'm loving it all. Really, really loving it all. Bring it on 2015, I'm looking forward to this year!

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5 Responses to “HELLO 2015 + HELLO FEBRUARY”

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