God knows I love a good cup of tea. Especially in the morning.

I have this belief that the first cup of tea is the best and that if you drink too many during the day, you end up with a distaste for it come 6pm. Then bedtime arrives and come 7am, you're back to loving the black stuff once more.

In saying that, I've been looking to reduce the amount of cups of regular tea I consume and instead, replacing them with gentler cups of  what I call 'hugs in a mug'. Introducing hot water and lemon. Loved and feared by many but useful in that 1) it does not stain your teeth half as bad a regular morning tea and 2) contains zero amounts of caffeine.

I've been altering my morning routine somewhat and have been working really hard to get up earlier. In the winter darker months, I really struggle and the lack of natural light in the mornings affects me in ways hard to describe. I feel foggy, my shoulders are heavy and often I don't feel quite alert until 11am. That's two hours of working time lost right there.Winter can be a very unproductive season for me if I let it.

What does works in those dreary months is to wake up slowly. To take a few minutes in the morning to stretch out the joints, get the brain functioning and to take baby steps to the kitchen. Rushing from the bathroom to the kitchen and back to the bathroom is always the worst possible start to my day and that sense of haste follows me into the afternoon. 

I've been experimenting with starting my day with a sweet cup of hot water and a slice or two of lemon. Hot or warm lemon water has been described as the perfect 'good morning drink' assisting in waking up your digestive system and also helping with smoother bowel functions. (Nice!).

It also balances and maintains Ph levels in your body, helps cure the common cold and the potassium content helps nourish brain and nerve cells. Lemon is also of huge benefit to the skin, helping reduce acne and prevent wrinkles (I'm sold!) and it contributes to maintaining the health of your eyes.

Personally speaking, taking the time to follow this mini ritual before breakfast helps cement in my brain that a new day is here. A new day to take on and a new day to rock. I am guilty of being a somewhat excessive over-thinker and worrier. I worry about work, responsibilities, money and the future and sometimes that wee head of mine can jump straight into 5th gear if allowed.

My ritual of waiting for the kettle to boil, selecting my perfect cup and staring out the window watching the sun rise is 5 minutes of perfection. 5 minutes of calmness and 5 minutes of just being. Clean Eating is not just about the food you pop in your gob. Clean eating is about contributing to a greater feeling of wellness, vitality and wholesomeness. 

It's about slowing down, savoring every last bit or sip and doing it all with a grateful heart.

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  1. Hmmm, hugs in mugs! I like that, might encourage me to drink more fruit and herbal teas